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Artist FAQs

How do you decide what to paint?

Answer:  I have an endless list of ideas in my head.  Ultimately, I fall in love with my subject and I start.


Do you paint from models or pictures?

Answer:  I do not.  Everything comes from my head. Occasionally some of my work may appear representational, it is actually an interpretation of the subject.


Which paintings are your favorites?

Answer:  My favorite is always the last one I finished.


How do you know your painting is done or finished?

Answer:  When I am working, my painting talks to me.  When it stops talking it is done.


What substrates do you paint on?

Answer:  Most paintings are on canvas or linen.  I also like to paint on birch panels and occasionally on paper.


Do you paint in your studio or somewhere else?

Answer:  Since I am not using a model or a scene, I do not typically paint plain air.  My studio gives me the perfect setting for comfort and creativity. 


How did you end up in America and Charlotte?

Answer:  After growing up in Moscow, I needed the freedom to think and paint freely which you can do in the USA. I also wanted to get away from the cold and snow making Charlotte the perfect choice.


Sparrow Hill

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