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Alla Ostrovsky’s oil paintings are largely a feeling and defy simple classification.  She paints without confining borders

or structures combining vibrant colors, forms and motion.  Her paintings evoke feelings and spark the imagination.


About the Artist

Alla A. Ostrovsky, Russian Born Artist

Her approach to color is consistent with a full life, maximizing the impact of its power and subtle hues. She probes the mysteries of nature and inspires dimension to the simplest objects.

Forever faithful to her art roots – she earned a Masters in Fine Art in Moscow, exhibiting with her peers in the Second School of Russian Avant-Gard Art - Alla’s creations resonate with the richness and depth of her diverse background. She captures the beauty of nature, everyday life and imagination in unique fashion.  You can find Alla every day in her Charlotte, N.C. studio.

With compelling oil paintings and drawings found in collections worldwide, Russian born artist Alla A. Ostrovsky creates vibrant paintings resonating with the richness and depth of her multi-cultural experience.  Whether it is the hum of the city or of the wings of a hummingbird, intriguing movement takes presence in her paintings.

Artist's Statement

I cannot recall a time in my life when I did not draw or paint.  My work is largely a feeling, it defies simple classification.  I believe in a landscape free of borders that allows me to free my mind and paint contradiction and beauty.

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